Consulting and Workshops

Many sales organizations, even those in different industries, experience very similar challenges. These challenges can be so serious that they constrain performance, keeping sales from achieving the bookings, growth, and market share numbers they want.

I work with clients on three common challenges:

  1. Improving the closing skills of B2B salespeople
  2. Creating compelling market offers with high ROIs and short times to market
  3. Eliminating persistent and possibly hidden sales process bottlenecks

Thoughtful, well-planned, hands-on equals perfection in a workshop.
— Angel Kwiatowski, Cohere, Inc.

If you know where your particular challenge lies let’s talk about what needs to be done. Otherwise, I usually conduct an assessment and make very targeted (and if desired, confidential) recommendations based on what I find.

To get the ball rolling, just let me know of a good time to talk and I’ll call you.

In the meantime, here’s an example of what people say about my workshop facilitation and consulting:



I speak at sales meetings, team retreats, and conferences.

I've been lucky to speak to thousands of salespeople and executives, both in the US and internationally. My goal is always to bring useful tools and insights, humor, and energy to each event. I don't talk to a group as much as I create a dialog — one that engages, entertains, and elevates.

Sample Topics

Close that Sale!

Most salespeople will tell you that closing skills are their biggest weakness. The situation is so bad that 62% of salespeople never even ask for a commitment. And the move to selling increasingly complex solutions has made matters worse.

In this presentation I'll teach and inspire your salespeople to become effective guides, leading prospects through a series of smaller decisions, all the way to the close. This approach to closing doesn't require tricks or manipulation, rather it builds respect, value, and clarity at every step.

Create that Sale!

Salespeople who sell based on price and features have been replaced by Google. Salespeople who sell based on cost and benefits are caught between their competition and increasingly educated buyers in the "muck" of B2B sales. So what's a salesperson to do?

I'll show your salespeople how to take control of the sale by creating unique new offers to better meet your prospect's needs while making it difficult for your competition to keep up. Your prospect's will be thrilled, your salespeople energized.

Five Funny Things about Leadership

Leadership can be such a serious subject — too many rules, too many confusing and conflicting approaches, too much drama. Why can't leadership have a bit of fun to it?

In this talk we'll take leadership back to its basics and, by using humor and memorable examples, help your leaders to rethink their personal leadership style and their relationships with those that follow them.

Great presentation style. Funny, accessible. Helpful and succinct information that I can use today.
— ASTD ALC attendee