Hi, I'm Michael Clingan. I'm passionate about helping clients transform the way they sell in three vital ways: Creating higher value market offers, eliminating sales process bottlenecks, and improving the B2B closing skills of their salespeople.

I learned to do what I do by:

  • Building global sales and marketing organizations and leading them to achieve ambitious (read as "insane") sales goals, year after year. While every year was tough, some years really qualified as “enhanced learning experiences.”
  • Bringing new products to market in the fast-paced consumer electronics, instrumentation, and technology consulting industries.
  • Reading about a hundred sales books and taking classes — using what worked, ditching the rest.
  • Studying process improvement approaches such as the Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma, and Appreciative Inquiry and applying them to the design and management of salesforces and sales processes. I figured if they were worked everywhere else in a company, why not sales? And they do.
  • Developing and using Transformative Selling in the real world. In fact, my first Transformative Selling project involved taking a company from Nokia’s global blacklist to its preferred global supplier list and Supplier of the Year in just 14 months - this was worth about $16M a year in sales. This project has been used as a case study in a bunch of MBA programs. If you share your name and email, you can download a "lite" version of the case study here.

It's been my pleasure to work with organizations such as Abbott, Agilent, ARC, Bank of Colorado, British Telecom, C-bridge, Cisco, Dex Media, Gebauer, HP, ITT, Lucas Varity, Materion, MEMC, Notore, Orcon Aerospace, Otsuka Electronics, Royal Chemical, Schlumberger, Seagate, Tata, Thomson Financial, TRW, and the United Way.

I've been a featured speaker at numerous domestic and international events on sales, demand creation and systematic innovation. I've also been quoted by the AP, Reuters, NBC, Chief Learning Officer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Dallas Morning News, Scottrade Stock Market News, the National Federation of Independent Business, and BizWest. 

Please drop me a line or give me a call to connect and discuss what's happening in the world of sales.