Close that Sale! was written for anyone selling in a business-to-business (B2B) environment using a consultative or solution driven sales approach. This includes regional, national account, and strategic sales as well as consultants and other professional service providers.

I wrote Close that Sale! because as both a VP of Sales and Marketing and as a consultant, I’ve seen how big a challenge closing can be to many otherwise successful salespeople. I watched too many opportunities advance until they got stuck, and stay there until they disappeared.

Close that Sale! is a must-read for anyone trying to master the dance between salesperson and prospect. Michael effectively teaches how to manage the sales dialog and achieve greater sales success.
— David Fields, Author of “The Executive’s Guide to Consultants: How to Find, Hire, and Get Great Results from Outside Experts”

Part of the problem is that closing is typically portrayed as the ability to ask a question or two that immediately results in an order. Sometimes these questions are pointed, have a trick to them, or are even a bit manipulative. But most buyers have heard the trick questions before, and very few enjoy being manipulated or put on a point.

Close that Sale! is different. Instead of being a box at the end of a sales process diagram, I make closing the sales process. Instead of a closing question, I turn closing into a respectful and powerful dialog designed to advance and close the sale as fast as possible, while increasing clarity and value. And it turns out that most buyers really like respect, clarity and value.

Michael has zeroed in on one of the biggest challenges in B2B sales: How to create a true dialog with prospects that respectfully, and with value, closes the order. His step-by-step guide, Close that Sale!, does exactly that. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone wanting to transform their sales relationships.
— John P. Strelecky, #1 Best Selling Author of “The Why Cafe” and “The Big Five for Life”

Close that Sale! was written “skinny” so it can slip into a bag and be read on a short flight. It's not a rehash of academic research or war stories but more of an "ABC, 123" guidebook. The questions at the end of each chapter, and diagram in the back, can serve as refreshers before a sales call, or as a way to monitor progress with a prospect.

Close that Sale! is the first of three books in the Transformative Selling Series. Each book addresses a major problem in how we create demand and orders. The second book in the series, Create that Sale!, will help salespeople to frame the needs of the prospect in a new way, and to develop offers to uniquely meet those needs.

Order Close that Sale! from Amazon in either soft-back or Kindle versions. Or, if you're ordering copies for an entire salesforce, contact me for a volume discount code from the publisher.