Is your salesforce winning consistently and at target margins?


How companies buy from other companies has changed, but the way they sell to each other often hasn't. Today's buyers are busier, their processes are leaner, and competitive information and prices are fewer clicks away. Communicating value is no longer enough, today's salesforce has to anticipate needs and take the lead in creating innovative product and service offerings. And leaner purchasing processes mean sales processes have to keep up. Responding to a request is to be behind before your start and checking off CRM boxes will not equal more orders.

A transformation in selling is needed!


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It's worth the read to see how a salesperson recovered a $16M account by understanding needs the client didn't know they had. This case study has been used in numerous business schools.

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Michael Clingan

Let's get to know each other. I'm a former VP of Sales and Marketing and now a consultant and author. I've helped sales teams around the world to improve their results, not just for a quarter, but for years.

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